Maaß für Maaß Wie einer mißt, so wird ihm wieder gemessen (German Edition)

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After 42 years of internal consensus and the search for scientific legitimation, this has demonstrably failed. There is no scientifically sound evidence for a plausible mechanism of action of homeopathy, so it is not surprising that all meta-analyses and reviews of efficacy carried out in the last 30 years have revealed no reliable evidence for any indication. That is the actual state of affairs today. And this is the basis of the overdue questioning of homeopathy as part of medicine and as part of medical legislation, the legitimation of which has become untenable.

Mass Customization & Open Innovation News: Deutsch (in German)

That is why it is high time — as France has just demonstrated — to draw conclusions from the special position of homeopathy in medicine and pharmaceutical law, which has been shown to be wrong and unjustified. The credit of the method is used up. All this is irrelevant for the objective of homeopathic criticism to help the principles of evidence-based patient-oriented medicine achieve a breakthrough in the public health system.

France takes a first step with the withdrawal of reimbursability, Spain and England are already going further by taking homeopathic remedies the official quality as medicine. Homeopathy in Germany is currently still a major obstacle to the consistent implementation of evidence-based medicine in the public health system. It is the anchor of pseudomedicine within drug law. Thus it is a kind of legitimation for a multitude of other, often extremely dangerous pseudomedical methods. It cannot be ruled out at all that the call for the same special rights that are currently granted to homeopathy could also come from other directions.

In view of the existing privileged status of homeopathy, there is little that can be argued against. The legitimacy of the demand to end the special position of homeopathy in medicine and public health stems from all this. This demand is a call for integrity and honesty in medicine and for a step towards a reliable and sustainable public health system. Following the decision in France, Germany is the only country within the EU retaining the reimbursement in statutory health insurance based on a special position for homeopathy in pharmaceutical law. Among other things, this is necessary to counter the criticism that the use of homeopathy may delay the timely medical treatment of serious illnesses.

In addition to homeopathic treatment options for cancer, HIV and acute abdomen, the homeopathic treatment of autism was also presented. A child and youth psychiatrist held a lecture and a seminar there, the announcement of which already made clear that the lecturer does not care about scientific evidence or does not know about it. A causal connection between autism and vaccinations was already suspected in the s, but at the latest at the beginning of the s it was clear that this causal connection did not exist.

Since then, further evidence has been added to prove again and again that there is no causal link between vaccination and autism. Nevertheless, at the congress of the medical organization dedicated to homeopathy in , a link between vaccinations and autism is still being claimed. WHO has identified vaccine fatigue as one of the top 10 health threats. How do long disproved statements, which already caused a large part of this problem in the past and are likely to aggravate it, fit into an organization that, according to its own repeated statements, is committed to patient safety and evidence-based medicine and thus justifies the leadership of medical homeopathy?

This lecture and the seminar concept must have wandered through many hands before they became part of the official program. Apparently, none of the people involved in the program noticed that these statements were nonsense. What about the scientific training of the members of an association that is responsible for something like this? The Dutch doctor Tinus Smits had identified the use of nasal spray during pregnancy, the warming up of milk in the microwave, anaesthesia during childbirth and other things, as well as vaccinations as the alleged cause of autism.

Here, too, the disproved connection between vaccinations and autism is repeated. CEASE therapy is another deplorable example of how principles of medical ethics are violated with methods that are not evidence-based and lack plausibility. From the point of view of politicians and the public, thus the worst case would be a well-paid treatment with placebos. They expose their patients to the danger of receiving treatment that not only contradicts the current medical status, but can also cause harm. Lie stories — disproved!